p-tmjDr. Neuhaus is best known for treating TMJ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint) Dysfunction. Many people suffer from TMD, the painful symptoms often including migraine headaches, neck and shoulder pain, ear symptoms, limited opening of the mouth, locking of the jaw and even poor posture. As an expert Neuromuscular Dentist, Dr. Neuhaus can confidently assess and treat the symptoms of TMD at a sub-clinical level, non-surgically. Dr. Neuhaus is also able to successfully restore a patient’s ‘bite’ to the natural rested position, thereby providing much needed relief from the pain of living with TMD. Cosmetic Dentistry is much more successful when performed with a Neuromuscular procedure that re-aligns the jaw thus protecting any porcelain restorations from breakage. Furthermore, we often discover that many TMJ patients also have Sleep Apnea. When we treat their sleep apnea with an oral appliance, we often completely eliminate the TMJ symptoms as well as the accompanying snoring.

Dr. Jay Neuhaus is one of the very few Neuromuscular Dentists trained to use the Myotronic’s K7 Machine and Myomonitor, and furthermore is one out of only a handful of dentists in New York City and Manhattan to have one in his office. The K7 Machine is a highly sophisticated, computerized jaw tracking device which uses EMG (electromyography) and joint sonography to measure imperfections in the jaw joint mechanism. By picking up the magnetic field of a tiny magnet placed on the jaw, the computer can trace the jaw’s movements. The EMG measures the electrical output of the jaw muscles, thereby measuring their level of activity. The sonography reads the frequency of sounds emanating from the joint. By using the Myotronic’s K7 Machine, Dr. Neuhaus can scientifically evaluate the bite and can determine the correct position to place the teeth so the muscles remain relaxed therefore eliminating discomfort.

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