“Wow, I’m looking at my brand new smile–beautiful teeth from Dr. Neuhaus, who has been my dentist for 25 years. All the dental work I have had over the years has been painless, and extraordinarily well done. Dr. Neuhaus has superb skill, and always makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. He is a perfectionist, and spends a great deal of time making sure everything is done correctly. No cutting corners in this office!

The rest of the staff is friendly, the office is modern, so its a pleasure to “go to the dentist,” and be confident that everything is first class, all the way.”

Edwin A. Salsitz, M.D.

“I am a health and physical education teacher with a Ph. D in health and have extensive knowledge in anatomy and physiology. I am not only grateful to Dr. Neuhaus for his expert dental care, but also because he was able to relieve the tremendous pain I was experiencing which was due to a neuromuscular imbalance in the neck and jaw. I am eternally grateful. Thank you Dr. Neuhaus! Sincerely,”

Dr. Sonny Sauerhaft

“All say the new tooth is perfect and want me to smile more. They still had no idea how much that tooth bothered me. A black front tooth for goodness sake! Thank you for giving me the same attention that you would give to someone who could afford to do so much more. One tooth, but it was the world to me and somehow you made it work and I know it was a difficult job. It was a pleasure to meet a true professional. I knew that from the onset. I’m keeping up with my homework and notice a difference everyday. The gum work is amazing in itself. Thanks to all of you again.”

Rosanne PawlowskiLockport, IL

“When Nate came back from your office with his brilliant new smile, I fell in love with him all over again after 42 years of marriage. It is amazing that teeth could bring such joy into our lives. Your work has always been excellent, but this time you exceeded our expectations. Thank you!”

Yael FreedmanNew York City

“I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea 5 years ago and prescribed a cpap by my physician. I never used it and would wind up sleeping on the couch many nights due to my loud snoring. My blood pressure continued to rise and I was constantly dozing off at work. I never knew there was an alternative until I met Dr. Neuhaus who fit me with an oral appliance 2 years ago. My blood pressure has gone down, I’m refreshed all day long without anymore cat-naps, and best of all, I can sleep in the same room with my wife again. Thank you Dr. Neuhaus for sving my life and my marriage.”

Marshal StermanScarsdale, NY