Dental Restorations


Dental restorations are procedures to repair a damaged or decayed tooth. Types of restorations can include, but are not limited to, fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, onlays, implants, and dentures. Restorations can be made from a number of different materials, however, Dr. Neuhaus does not believe in placing toxic mercury based silver fillings in your mouth. He prefers to use much more bio-compatible and beautiful materials such as Empress porcelain, composite resin, and gold where necessary.

The longevity of a dental restoration depends on many factors, including the patient’s health, dental hygiene, occlusion (the way the upper and lower jaws and teeth come together), type of restoration, and its location in the mouth. Dental restorations generally require the same type of care as natural teeth.

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