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Cosmetic Dentistry Manhattan | Cosmetic Dentistry New York City

Dr. Jay Neuhaus purchased his first private practice, Gramercy Dental Arts, in 1978 and immediately began working towards creating a tranquil atmosphere for patients. A native of Manhattan's Lower East Side, Dr. Jay Neuhaus is an industry leader in Cosmetic and Neuromuscular Dentistry with over 32 years of experience. Dr. Neuhaus specializes in Cosmetic and Neuromuscular Dentistry, as he believes these fields can enhance the lives of patients by ridding them of chronic pain and restoring self-confidence with the help of a beautiful smile.

Dr. Neuhaus' recently renovated practice was one of the first "dental-spas" in New York City. In addition to the reflexology, paraffin hand treatments and other spa services offered during procedures, limousine transportation to and from the office within the tri-state area is provided, and overnight accommodations in the form of a luxurious Gramercy Park apartment are an option for out-of-town patients. Dr. Neuhaus and his experienced, dedicated team work in tandem to create a stress-free environment, in some cases setting aside an entire day for one patient, to guarantee that the patient receives enough personal attention. Dr. Neuhaus' excellent dental skills and spa services have made him one of the most widely-praised dentists in New York City. Dr. Neuhaus is satisfied that new patients are often attracted through word of mouth via highly satisfied customers as opposed to advertising.

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To schedule a consultation with Dr. Neuhaus or to learn more about our practice and services, please call
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Cosmetic Dentistry Manhattan | Cosmetic Dentistry New York City